FFP SCOPE 3-18*50MM In China


Products information
Magnifciation (Obi Dia mm) :3x-18x
Objective Dia (mm) :50mm
Tube dia:30mm
Field of view@100yards:11.86-18.86ft
Eye relief(mm): 100mm
Exit pupil:16.2-2.7mm
Click Value:1/10mil
Reticle type:Wire Mil-dot
Length: 350mm


FFP Brief Introduction: Most scopes have the reticle fitted in the second focal plane (near the eyepiece).

The reticle increases its size when change the magnification from low to high
Each system has its advantages.
The advantage with telemetric reticles (like rangefinder & Mil-dot etc) is that the target image and distance between dots remains constant even when changing magnification.
It is the system that is widely used by the TOP military suppliers now.

Precision Machined
100% waterfroof tested
100% fogproof tested
100% shockproof tested to 1200G

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